Helping Hands Gifts Shopping Event

Hosted by Helping Hands Gifts

Dates: 12/8/2018

Additional Notes

Children must be 1 - 18 years old, reside in the home, and be in school. This is a 1 day event. This year is Saturday, 12/8. Families must be able to attend that day in Shelby Township. Families must have their own form of transportation. For convenience, our shop is located on a bus route. Children will not be allowed. Families will need to find their own childcare. This event is cash only Each family will need their own online referral (see attached). This simple form should only take a minute to fill out for each family. Please note if you are waiting to hear if a family is accepted to other programs. The only families we do not accept are families who are already receiving holiday assistance. Family names will be cross checked with Apricot database to confirm we are the only holiday gift assistance they will be receiving. We will then enter them for other agencies/churches to view. Families must have an accessible email address in order to register. We will be sending an email invitation to the families and they will need to sign up for a time to shop on a secure link. Referrals end on December 3rd. Referral link below Families must register by DECEMBER 5th Also accepting donations for event

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