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Star Wars and the Power of Cos...

6/28/2018 @ 6pm

Warren Public Library Art... | Website
in Warren for Free
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Start a Business & Understand ...

7/24/2018 @ 1pm

in Wayne for Free
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Homebuyer Orientation


Wayne Metropolitan Commun... | Website
in Wayne County for Free
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How do I use this website?

If you look just above this section you'll see a few events displayed, this is a completely random selection of our events and just a sampling of what you'll find when you perform a search. The way your search results are displayed will be similar to the above except you get to make the decision about what you will see.

The Commonwealth search is incredibly powerful because by using a little information we can make big connections. Any search that produces even one result gives you many places to go. If you search for "Autism" and find an event related to that search term you can click on the partner hosting that event, for example clicking "Autism Society" will take you to the page for Autism Society where you will find links to the events that "Autism Society" hosts. You can also click on the location of the event and go directly to a page that shows all of the upcoming events for that location.

How do I search?

You can get to the search page from the link above or by clicking here. Once you are on the search page you can do several things, you can enter some search terms or you can select a location to start. If you enter some search terms you will start to see results flow into the area below the search box, if you select a location you will see events for that specific location flow into the area below the search box, and if you select a category you will results for that category flow into the area below the search box. The search box accepts english words and also accepts two boolean search terms, the "and" and the "or" term. For example, if you enter "macomb and food" into the search box you will get results where both of these terms overlap or if you enter "macomb or food" you will get results including both of these search terms.

Once you've made your decision about what to search for and you start seeing results you can start narrowing those results down by using some of the search options we have provided for you. You can select a range of dates to search between. If you want to find something next week just select those dates using the handy calendars that pop up for you right when you click in the boxes to enter a date. You can also narrow the results down by location, you have many options provided for you as to what locations you can choose between. Finally, you can make sure that you're only seeing things that fit within the price range you're looking for.

Add The Commonwealth Page To Your Smart Phone or Tablet Home Screen

On iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Using Safari navigate to the Commonwealth website.

Tap the iOS 7 Action Button Image button at the bottom of the web browser and find the "Add to Home Screen" option. Press the "Add to Home Screen" option and you should be prompted to enter a name for the shortcut. Once you enter a name for the shortcut you will be sent to the home screen and see the icon for your new Commonwealth shortcut.

On Android

The Chrome for Android web page provides instructions that you can find by clicking here.

Why this website?

We endeavored to create a way to find events and social opportunities that seems to be made just for you. As long as we have something for what you're looking for you're going to see exactly what you want to see. We offer many options to narrow the information to just what you need and try not to try show you anything you don't need. We want you to benefit from the context that is inherent in the information we collect. If an event you're looking for is a specific city we provide a link for you to jump right into the results for that city, if you're interested in more events hosted by the same group that is hosting an event you're interested in, just click on that group name and you're sent right to a page with all of that groups events. We continue to offer these jumping off points when you go anywhere on the website. Commonwealth's mission is to help you find activities that you will enjoy and this website hopes to aid in that mission by making it as easy as possible to find those activities.