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We are a group of parents that believe in our kids. When our children came to us and told us they were gay, we became confused and disillusioned between what we were led to believe and the reality of it all. "That's not my kid!" could be heard across city borders. We knew in our hearts that our children were not what what we were taught. A group of parents got together, to tell the stories of their children and found loving support and education. Then the search went out to find other parents in similar situations. PFLAG Detroit was formed. Since 1987, PFLAG Detroit offers various programs to support GLBT people and their families. For 27 years, we have strived to combat hate, discrimination and violence. Our goal is to have equal rights for all our children. We make every effort to keep families together with Support Groups for our gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender children, their parents, relatives, and friends. Our group session provides a chance to hear and understand the true feelings of parents and GLBT people. Through education, we are helping parents understand an issue that has torn some families apart. Parents new to PFLAG find a positive reassurance about their children’s lives and have been able to talk to their children like never before. Some gays have found a new affirming set of parents, and a host of new friends. PFLAG Detroit meets every second Sunday of the month. We are proud to say "We have not missed a meeting in 28 years!" ----- Monthly meetings are scheduled like this: 1) We meet at 2:00 at the church 2) Our vice president gives a brief explanation of what PFLAG is about, followed by each person introducing him/herself (or not, if they prefer to pass). 3) Break out into smaller groups: a. New Parents b. New Parents of Transgender Children c. Transgender d. Young Adult e. General (group may be split into two, three, or more depending on number of people in attendance) 4) Each group meets for about an hour. We then break at 3:30 for refreshments and conversation 5) Speaker begins talk at 4:00 followed by Q&A

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