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The Macomb Charitable Foundation exists to help children living at or below poverty level in Macomb County. Our goal is to alleviate the suffering of children and their families by providing financial assistance for items such as but not limited to; food, clothing, personal care items, rent/utility assistance, vehicle repair, educational assistance and when available personal & spiritual mentoring. This goal is accomplished through the generosity of our contributors by providing children with benefits and services that meet their basic needs, thereby enhancing their self esteem. It is our desire to focus on the child . To make that child’s life richer, not just by offering assistance with worldly goods, but by offering kindness, humility and respect. The Macomb Charitable Foundation makes every effort to be open and fully accountable to our donors and to make careful business decisions so that contributed dollars provide the maximum help to the needy children who have been referred to us. These referrals are accepted without regard to political affiliation religious belief or ethnic identity.

Upcoming Events

Trivia Night

Friday, November 06, 2020 @ 8:00 P.M. 
in Macomb Township
Price: $25