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When substance use turns into substance abuse and when doing crime turns into doing time, the Clinton Counseling Center Jail Program is there to help. Since 1985, our program has offered substance abuse prevention and treatment services to the inmates of the Macomb County Jail. Our program seeks to understand the challenges faced by our clients. Through this, we have learned that many of our clients have struggled to get “clean” and stay clean when the focus of recovery does not include the role of their lifestyle. Information on criminal thinking, self-defeating behaviors and unhealthy risk taking is incorporated throughout the program to support our clients in overcoming these common hurdles. The Clinton Counseling Center Jail Program recognizes that there is no “one size fits all” program or cookie cutter approach to recovery. We strive to assist our clients in setting the foundation for a lasting recovery. We offer Track I, which is a 5 week long substance abuse program and Track II, which is a 15 week long substance abuse treatment program. Our program also coordinates a team of volunteers who provide Alcoholics & Narcotics Anonymous meetings in the jail. In addition, we provide referrals to other programs, both in the jail and in the community, when other needs are identified that fall outside of the scope of services provided by our program.

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